ACCA Exam Tips P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics – December 2012

As Head of ACCA Programmes here at BPP, I have asked my expert subject managers for ACCA Exam Tips for your forthcoming December 2012 exams.

Here is what Steve Whittenbury, our ACCA P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics Subject Manager had to say:

“The format of this paper is quite straightforward – one compulsory 50 mark question and a choice of two from three 25 mark questions. Often, the compulsory question is set within a scenario based on real-life events allowing all three parts of the syllabus to be tested: you should therefore consider organisations with governance issues and how they control their exposure to risk and any resultant ethical dilemmas.

Optional questions tend to focus on governance, risk and ethics more discretely, but we could still see some cross-over, for example, internal audit is the subject of an article recently published by the ACCA and could quite easily fall into a governance-related question or one more specifically testing internal controls and risks.

Candidates should ensure they are familiar with all the various theories introduced within the learning materials as they are frequently examined – good exposure to past papers will illustrate the kind of test most likely to be faced in December.”

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