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ACCA Exam Tips F7 Financial Reporting – December 2012

As Head of ACCA Programmes here at BPP, I have asked my expert subject managers for ACCA Exam Tips for your forthcoming December 2012 exams.

Here is what Ben Wheaton, our ACCA F7 (Int) Subject Manager had to say:

“There will be 5 questions in the exam, all compulsory.  The first 25 mark question will cover a consolidated statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income and/or consolidated statement of financial position, and may include a written part. Questions 2 and 3 will also be 25 marks, Question 2 covering preparation of single entity financial statements, likely from a trial balance.  Question 3 is usually set in the context of interpretation and often includes a statement of cash flows.  The conceptual framework is often part of Questions 4 or 5 so it is an area you need to ensure you are familiar with.  Inflation, government grants, discontinued operations, deferred tax, leases, intangible assets or financial instruments are possible topics for questions 4 and 5 this sitting.”

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