AAT student wins Distance Learner of the Year

We are delighted to announce that Mr Ashraf Ali has won AAT’s 2015 Distance Learner of the Year!


Mr Ali is 85 years of age and an inspiration to students with a ‘never give up’ attitude to his studies. He previously worked in a bookkeeping role but has never had a qualification to show for it – now, years later, he has studied for and earned his AAT. What Mr Ali has achieved in his studies demonstrates that the AAT provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to flourish and succeed – no matter their age.


Mr Ali has overcome difficulties in embracing the modern technology and communication methods he never encountered in his early years – an amazing achievement considering he has studied via Distance Learning. He never shied away from modern technology and fully embraced the new CBT and CBP assessment methods. His proudest AAT paper to date was SDST (Spreadsheet Software) as this was actually his first time using Excel.


Mr Ali called us recently to confirm he has received his Level 4 Certificate, after starting studying with us almost 10 years ago. He has overcome his difficulties through extraordinary determination and we are so proud to say that Mr Ali was a BPP student, a true deserver of AAT’s Distance Learner of the Year Award.


Congratulations Mr Ali!


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  1. 06.05.2015

    Congratulations Mr.Ali.
    I am also AAT student . I have to give more 3 exams for the final level 4 Exam.
    Sometime I think that I abandon this level but , now you are my inspiration. I never give up. Thankyou.

  2. 06.05.2015
    Shazia Naveed

    Well done Mr Ali.

  3. 15.05.2015
    Kevin Haines

    The Operations Team in London have had the pleasure of invigilating some of Mr Ali’s previous exams, and would like to remark on what is an amazing achievement. A lovely man and a complete inspiration to all of us. Congratulations to you sir.

  4. 15.05.2015
    Marina Walker

    Great job Mr Ali! I am at the age of 35 was struggling with Excel, can imagine how it was for you .People like you show example of drive and determination for others to follow..

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