Enhance your career – 4 ways to get the training and development you need

A good accountant is always developing and moving forward – knowledge of industry events, regulation changes and best practice is essential if you want to be at the top of your game.

However, professional development or qualifications can be expensive to fund yourself. The good news is that quite often employers are willing to invest in their workforce, they just need to be asked the right way. The trick to having a development, training or qualification request approved, is to have a plan in place before you ask. Here’s our top tips:


Do you research, and submit a proposal

Demonstrate that you’re serious about your request by being thorough with you cost estimates and research. Include in your proposal how this will develop you, and how in turn this will benefit the company.


Make it direct and relevant

When explaining why you should access this professional development or training, relate it back to the company. ‘So I can develop as an employee’ isn’t nearly as compelling for your boss as ‘So that I can take a lead on Project X, directly applying my new skills to X areas and saving the company time and money.’ Your justification may not even have to be this personal; reminding your boss of the business requirements to stay up to date on regulatory and compliance laws may be all the justification you need to go on further training.


If necessary, offer to match the company

If cost is your company’s barrier to the training and development opportunities you are interested in, offer to match your boss’ payments – splitting the cost 50/50. Although it’s not the ideal outcome for you, it’ll give you the professional development you’re after and demonstrate to your boss just how invested you are.


Don’t forget to follow through

Make sure you use your new skills or knowledge on the job, delivery whatever you promised in your original proposal. This is essential in making your boss see the benefits of funding your training, and in having future training or development requests approved. Perhaps even go that one step further and share what you learnt with your colleagues – this shows how you’re a great team player and might lead to your learning off of them in the future.



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