In profile with Robert Clarke – Programme Leader-International Foundation Certificates, School of Foundation & English Language

Before joining BPP, Robert ran his own business for eleven years and then went on to become an independent marketing consultant for NGTC Ltd. Before becoming Programme Leader for SoFELS, Robert was the Programme Manager for MSc Management.

Robert joined BPP in 2011 as a tutor, going on to become a module leader before his now role of Programme leader for SoFELS. He specialises in marketing, management and leadership as well as business strategy.


1. Why did you choose a career in business?

I have always been business minded and an entrepeneur and my role has given me an opportunity to make a difference to BPP and ultimately the students. I believe that I have valuable experience to assist in shaping the direction of BPP. Business is so dynamic in the ever changing environment, so you have to be at a certain energetic level (which I enjoy) to keep up with the pace and new challenges that are thrown at you daily, if not hourly.

2. What makes BPP stand out?

BPP has quality tutors and teaching practices, who are from industry with excellent industry knowledge, and can impart real life situations to the students in their academic journey. BPP are able to get students ready for the real world, and ensure that the students are highly employable, in the competitive world. BPP has great support when you need it, to assist the students. No one day is the same!

3. If you could choose 3 fantasy dinner guests, past and present, who would they be?

Nelson Mandela, Superman and Pele.

4. What is your favourite food?

My mum’s Caribbean rice and chicken with gravy.

5. Describe yourself in 3 words

Funny, supportive, professional

6. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I write and sing songs and I collect teddy bears.

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