How deep are the problems at Tesco?

The business press is currently full of the problems at Tesco and, inevitably, as time goes on, there will be more developments in this story. It is a fascinating example of how a company that was widely revered so recently can fall from grace, but two aspects of the story so far have particularly caught more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 23/09/14

CFA Quiz: What are the three conditions described by SAS-99 as the “fraud triangle”? more

It’s not what you know…… it’s how you use it

So you have spent the last 2 months or so cramming your head full of accountancy, finance, statistics and audit but put a piece of paper in front of you and what do you write??  Knowing how to apply all this syllabus knowledge is the key to passing your exam. One of the most common comments that more

How do you tackle your exam revision while maintaining a life??

In a nut shell this is a very hard thing to do! Many people get consumed by the fact that an exam is round the corner however you have to make sure you have a good balance of revision and relaxation. So how do you plan a revision time table and stick to it? Take more

So are the new CIMA 2015 exams really going to be that different?

Having delivered nearly 30 presentations on CIMA’s 2015 Syllabus over the last 12 months, I have found the following analogy useful when describing the new assessment structure…………………… “Imagine each individual paper’s technical syllabus is a tree.  The Objective Test (OT) exams are going to test your knowledge right down at the ‘twig-level’ of detail.  Now more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 22/09/14

CFA Quiz: Under IFRS, there are three components to the change in the net pension asset/liability for defined benefit pension plans. What are they and which two go through the income statement? more


Technology, Strategy and Leadership Insights: “What will happen to Microsoft?”

My phone remains unfixed while I work on the preparation for the coming term. I am actually quite enjoying being free of my mobile, apart from that I need an alarm clock, and I can’t discover the state of London Transport Services as I am walking down the street en route to work-  nor can more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 21/09/14

CFA Quiz: Under US GAAP what are the four criteria used to specify if a lease is a capital lease? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 21/09/14

CFA Quiz: Under US GAAP what are the four criteria used to specify if a lease is a capital lease? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 20/09/14

CFA Quiz: Accelerated tax allowances for depreciation and tax losses carried forward will lead to deferred tax balances. Will they be DTA or DTLs? more

Preparing yourself for the CFA® examinations

Sometimes the most valuable advice can come from people who have been through the challenges you are currently going through. The benefit of their hindsight can be a powerful advantage! more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 19/09/14

CFA Quiz: What valuation options are available under IFRS for investment properties? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 18/09/14

CFA Quiz: Under International rules, how frequently must goodwill be tested for impairment? more


Brain Food – superfoods to boost your mood!

Let’s face it, we all like the occasional burger and fries - but when it comes to studying for life-changing exams, it’s good to consider extra ways in which to boost your performance. Unfortunately eating a greasy burger is not the way to do it. Time and again it’s been proven that a diet rich in essential fatty acids, fruits and vegetables can do incredible things for your health. They help avoid high blood pressure and health-related issues later in life, do wonders for your mental well-being and boost your brain power. We all lead busy lives, so increasing your studying effectiveness should be of the utmost priority. more


The Student View – Shaketa Welsh – LLB

LLB  student Shaketa Welsh shares why she has enjoyed studying at BPP Law School, her experience so far and her future plans to study the MA LPC with Business. Is there anything you wish you knew before starting the programme? Prior to my LLB I studied an access to Law diploma, I must say this more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 17/09/14

CFA Quiz: Where is any unrealized profit on available-for-sale assets shown under US GAAP? more

The benefits of attending a CFA® / IMC Open Day

Here at BPP, we hold regular Open Days from our Central London study centre to introduce students to the CFA and IMC courses available at BPP. Our Open Days give you the chance to meet our expert tutors, take a tour of the facilities and really get an insight into the course and where it can take you in your career. more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 16/09/14

CFA Quiz: There are six potential components of total owners’ equity. Can you name at least four of them? more


Oscar Pistorius – a look at the verdict

James Welsh, BPTC Programme Director, looks at the verdict in ths Oscar Pistorius case more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 15/09/14

CFA Quiz: What kind of entity would present a balance sheet using liquidity-based presentation? more