Hear it from the experts: Mark Spencer-Ellis and Dave Raywood are back helping the students with their latest challenge

BPP University MSc International Marketing students have had a facinating slant to their Advertising module assessment, when they recently adopted the role of an advertising agency. Each semester the students are given a different brief to work from; they then pitch their group project and present back to the other members of the class. This more

All the barristers2

Barristers-to-be given rare insight into legal career at BPP University Leeds

BPP University Law School students were offered a rare insight into the life of a barrister through a special 'Meet and Greet' event held in the Leeds centre on November 19. more


Leeds BPTC student Tina Jones speaks to us about her experience of volunteering her time to help run the national Bar Mock Trial competition: more


Preparing to move to the UK

Making the decision to come and study with us in the UK is an exciting one and of course, it is important to be prepared for your new adventure. There are a few things we advise you to consider, to make your transition into UK life as smooth and enjoyable as possible.   BEFORE YOU more


Exercise for your mind – Study Tips #5

Exercise improves learning by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, enhancing energy production and waste removal. It also increases the level of brain chemicals known as growth factors, which help replenish brain cells and establish new connections that help us learn. more

Keep safe this winter on your commute to work

If you’re a new apprentice and getting used to your daily commute into the office, it’s worth reading our tips on how to be prepared for our very unpredictable British weather to minimise your chances of being late and stay safe at the same time.   Public Transport Expect delays! Allowances must always be made more

Top tips on ‘Getting the Most from your Working Relationship’

If you have missed the most reason Soft Skills Session on ‘Getting the most from your working relationships’ then don’t worry you can find all the top tips from the session here. This session objective was to gain an understanding on how to network with fellow professionals outside your organisation, how to manage those relationships more


The E-Business Generation

It would be hard to study for any professional qualification in modern times without encountering the wonderful term of e-business – defined as: ‘altering business processes through the use of internet technology’. When teaching I have always wondered why this, the most interesting of subjects to me, failed to provoke the same level of excitement more


Drink yourself smarter – Study Tips #4

What you drink can be just as important as what you eat and how well you sleep when it comes to enhancing brain activity, so next time you go to the kitchen to make a brew, we want you to consider what effects the liquids you consume will be having on your work performance. more

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BPTC View – Naomi Mclouglin

Naomi Mclouglin, BPTC student in Manchester, tells us about attending a recent residential weekend run by the Inns of Court and how it has benefitted her. more


In Profile with Mark Keith – BPTC Programme Leader, Manchester

We profile Mark Keith, Programme Leader of BPTC at BPP University Law School in Manchester more


Which music should you study to? – Study Tips #3

Brew a pot of coffee, crank up the tunes, and knuckle down to some good ol’-fashioned studying. You may not be surprised to hear that many students actually prepare for their exams this way. However, is it the most productive method? Studies have shown that certain types of background noise can disrupt your concentration. This includes low-level noise in the home, people talking, your neighbour playing trance music at 3am… so it’s important to tailor your study environment to enhance your learning. more

“Either apprenticeships or universities for almost everybody”

David Cameron calls for “either apprenticeships or universities for almost everybody”

At the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual conference today, 09th November 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he wanted to see “either apprenticeships or universities for almost everybody” as their next step in post-16 education and training. Mr Cameron said “We’ve got to build an economy where you don’t go either one way more


5 key networking tips

Careers Consultant Andrew Hawley gives his 5 key tips when it comes to networking. Networking is key to how we enter into and develop our careers. From gaining valuable work experience, to tapping into the ‘hidden jobs market’, to winning new business for ourselves or the organisations we work for, networking is a vital part of any career strategy and must not be overlooked. Here are 5 key networking tips to help ensure you're making the most of such a potentially powerful tool. more

Share dinner with friends and help refugees in crisis

Pro Bono Coordinator Rachel Kirkup tells us why she kick started a campaign to help raise funds to support refugees. “Crispian Cuss, writing for Al Jazeera, said of the distressing photograph of Alan Kurdi (the three year old Syrian refugee found drowned whilst trying to flee from Syria) that “occasionally an image encapsulates an entire more

BPP University teams up with high-flying alumni to offer graduates incredible India internship opportunity

BPP University Alumni Network is pleased to announce a substantial partnership with international internship company Capital Placement to offer BPP University graduates the chance to take part in a funded India internship programme. more


Sleep your way to success – Study Tips #2

Studying. It's not always that much fun is it. There’s always something good on TV, some cleaning to be done, or friends wanting to try “the best burritos in town” at that new restaurant. Before you know it the evening has disappeared and you need to cram in a couple of hour's revision lest you fall behind. As a result, you end up getting five hours sleep, are exhausted and irritable the next day and ultimately too tired to study that evening. You sit and watch The Apprentice whilst worrying about how to cram all that information into your head. more

Are you made

Are you made to be an accountant?

You need more than a degree in accounting to secure yourself a position with an employer. Whilst a good degree is important, organisations are also looking for a candidate with the ideal qualities and characteristics to best suit the role. Here are the top additional qualities employers seek..   Assertive confidence: You must be able more

BPP Professional Apprenticeships

BPP Professional Apprenticeships supports Ofsted Report

The Ofsted report published 22nd October outlined some key recommendations for apprenticeship training providers and employers with a call for future reforms to focus on raising the quality, rigour and profile of all apprenticeships, rather than simply increasing the numbers to meet the Government’s target of three million apprentices by 2020. As a national training more

Experian Higher Apprentices

Success for Experian CIMA Higher Apprentices as they complete their programme and continue their financial careers as full-time employees

A group of school-leavers who began the same apprenticeship course together have all now landed permanent jobs at leading, Nottingham-based global information services company Experian. Local quintet Alex Sanderson, Callum Gough, George Hardy, Ryan Wun and Will Haycox all took up apprenticeships at Experian aged 17-18. They were part of the very first group of more