CFA Daily Question Level 1, 29/08/14

CFA Quiz: What information is assumed to be incorporated into the share price if the market is weak form efficient? How would you test if this form of efficiency holds? more

A closer look at our new chiropractic clinic in Manchester

Located on the third floor of the St. James Building in the heart of Manchester, our new chiropractic clinic is due to open in early September. The new clinic features a main seminar room as well as three clinic rooms. The main seminar room is host to a full body skeleton, as well as models more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 28/08/14

CFA Quiz: What style of investing would be preferred in a market exhibiting relatively low informational efficiency? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 27/08/14

CFA Quiz: Why may hedge fund indices not accurately reflect the underlying performance of the hedge fund universe? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 26/08/14

CFA Quiz: What are the differences in fixed income index construction compared to equity indices? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 25/08/14

CFA Quiz: What are the six basic equity style index categories? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 24/08/14

CFA Quiz: What are the biases inherent in price-weighted and market-weighted index construction? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 23/08/14

CFA Quiz: What is the difference between operational and informational efficiency in the discussion around well-functioning markets? more


The student view – Kay Oladele – LPC

London LPC student, Kay Oladele, shares how he enjoyed the practical learning style, and how he benefited from the flexibility of the programme. Why did you decide to study at BPP Law School? I chose BPP Law School because I felt it had the edge over other LPC providers in terms of its innovative approach to more


Leading law firm DWF has appointed BPP Law School as its new LPC training provider and will be sending all its future trainees to study there from September 2014. They will work towards an MA LPC with Business at one of BPP Law School’s seven centres across the country, as well as coming together to more

BPP Professional Apprenticeships

BPP’s three-in-one school leaver programme: a new way into accountancy

From September this year, school leavers looking to enter the accountancy profession will have a brand new career path open to them, courtesy of a unique programme from BPP and the employers who partner with them. The new school leaver programme comprises of an apprenticeship, a chartered accountancy qualification (the Associate Chartered Accountancy award, accredited more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 22/08/14

CFA Quiz: If trades rely on a dealer providing a price at which they will trade, how is this market structure described? What are the other types of market structure referred to as? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 21/08/14

CFA Quiz: What is a “call market”? What is the implication for liquidity? more

“I would definitely recommend studying the IMC with BPP… the tutor support is amazing!”

Since graduating from university I have worked within the investment management sector and chose to study Investment Management Certifcate (IMC) in order to progress in my career. After studying Unit 1 with another training provider, I was looking for more support and guidance for Unit 2 (Investment Practice). Upon recommendation by a number of work more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 20/08/14

CFA Quiz: What is the term used for a large order that has been placed but has only a limited “display size”? more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 19/08/14

CFA Quiz: What is the main risk when using a limit order rather than a market order? more


The Student View – Lauren Pearson – LPC

Lauren Pearson recently finished her LPC programme at BPP Law School Birmingham. She looks back at her time on the programme and how preparation has been key to her success. “After a busy nine months studying the LPC at BPP Birmingham, it all came to an end in June. Three weeks ago I got my more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 18/08/14

CFA Quiz: What is securitization? more

Finding a job as an Accountant after graduation

Regardless of where you train, you will come out with the equivalent qualification to your peers, so try not to think of accountants only working as auditors, or as financial accountants; there are a wealth of accountancy jobs across a variety of industries and organisations- although don’t forget that many training and travel opportunities are more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 17/08/14

CFA Quiz: Who are “primary dealers”? more