#5Things you should get involved in with pro bono

Emma Blackstone, Pro Bono Manager at BPP Leeds, describes her top things to get involved in with pro bono.  Emma joined BPP in 2012 after 13 years of practice as a solicitor in Leeds with Clarion solicitors, where she was an accredited specialist family lawyer. In the last 2 years, the BPP Leeds’ Pro Bono more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 01/10/14

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CFA Daily Question Level 1, 30/09/14

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The student view – Hanan Elmasu – LPC

LPC student, Hanan Elmasu, describes how she managed her time effectively and what she liked most about the programme. “I was daunted by the idea of taking on the LPC while working full time, having heard just how intensive the course would be. BPP helped make the transition exceptionally easy. From supportive and engaging tutors more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 29/09/14

CFA Quiz: What ratios will not make sense if you are using common size financial statements? more

10 questions to ask at interview

When it comes to a job interview, declining the opportunity to ask questions can be something of a risk and can make you appear passive or uninterested to some interviewers. If done subtly, there is no harm in using your questions to reinforce your merits as a candidate. There’s a good chance some of the more

A first Employability Award at BPP University in Birmingham

The Employability Award pilot scheme came to a successful conclusion in July with five students completing all elements of the Award. The students were on the LLB and BSc programmes in Birmingham and had achieved at least the 50 points required by participating in a range of careers related events as well as undertaking work more

Student success story – Madeline Palacz, GDL student, BPP Manchester (2013-14)

When I started the GDL I was conscious that my legal experience did not reflect my commitment to pursue a successful legal career. I had not undertaken any legal work experience and was keen to rectify this through utilising the careers service. The structured help of the Employability Award (EA) really appealed to me, and more

A is for … applications

Ask Research is key if you’re going to find the right employer for you and the best source of information is the employer so take the time to ask them what you need to know. Opportunities to talk people working for law firms can be found through: careers fairs, open evenings at employer’s offices, events more

Career Ready in the classroom

Learning and teaching The majority of BPP teaching staff are or have been practitioners in the subject areas or disciplines that they teach. As a result they have both an educational and professional commitment to ensuring that you develop your employability skills so that you are ready either for your first career or progression into more

How to become ‘Career Ready’ using the Career Development Plan (CDP)

The Career Development Plan (CDP) is a brand new student tool which aims to help you to take ownership of developing your skills to meet the needs of employers, enabling you to become ‘Career Ready’. It has been designed to help you reflect on your skills development and set objectives to move towards your desired more

Technology, Strategy and Leadership Insights: “What underlies Tesco’s woes?”

Last week, Tesco had a bad week. The revelations concerning its profit statements have been highly damaging to the firm, exposing weakness at the most senior levels and in its business model. The underlying root causes of Tesco’s difficulties are the impact of disruptive technology, new entrants to the UK grocery market, changing consumer preference more

Making best use of the Careers Service

Here are 10 good reasons for new and current students to use the Careers Service at BPP University: Receive individual careers guidance Find out about and enrol for careers events and special schemes Register for jobs and internships in the UK and across the world Have your CV or application form checked Practice a job more


‘Apple-mania’ with release of iPhone 6- by MSc student, Jawad

One does not need to be “very tech-savvy” to be caught in the flurry caused by Apple’s release of the new iPhone. The release this year received the customary response from the cult iPhone junkies, queuing up outside Apple’s stores worldwide. People travelled long distances (more than a thousand miles in some cases), camped outside more

CFA Daily Question Level 1, 28/09/14

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suzanne branch president swindon

Welcome Branch Presidents 2013-14: Suzanne, Swindon

Name:  Suzanne Groarke-Oliver Where are you Branch President? BPP Swindon (New College Swindon) What course are you studying?  LLB Why did you want to become branch president?  To help keep the group together, disseminate information and keep in touch with Waterloo …. Also to arrange course related visits and trips and arrange social events. What more

“Financial Leadership at Tesco – How to lead and manage?” By Jill Shepherd

Here at BPP, we value leadership and management equally and consider that good leaders are flexible (Good and Sharma, 2010). The Tesco situation provides contemporary evidence that supports our stance. The arrival of a new CEO, Dave Lewis, at Tesco in early September 2014 and the recent financial statement mis-reportings only days later, provide interesting more

Ionela Cosneanu

The student view – Ionela Cosneanu – LPC

BPP London LPC student, Ionela Cosneanu, describes her time at BPP Law School and suggests how prospective students should prepare to study this programme. Is there anything you wish you knew before starting the programme?  For me the image of studying law was always about self-reading without being given too much structure on the course. more